Hello Listeners, I’m drinking!

If you’re anything like me, Covid-19 has been a real bummer for the last six months. While dealing with that, starting a new job, and being stuck on an island I thought I might as well take on something that would be a bit more fun. Taking into consideration my copious intake of alcohol during the shutdown, I thought, why not start a drinking podcast! Thus Drinking Sensei Podcast was born. Every podcast will be hosted by me, Eleanor, and feature a guest or guests. We’ll be drinking, learning and hopefully laughing together. The nickname Drinking Sensei started when my friend John drank too much and got drunk for the very first time at the age of forty-two. As I was giving him a ride home that night, we discussed what he could do to ensure that he wouldn’t have a serious hangover the next day. That simple advice led him to begin calling me his drinking sensei. Ten years later on a night drinking together once again, he reminded me of the nickname and the tiny seed of idea for the podcast was planted in my hazy brain. I’m excited to share time with friends, family, and those who work in alcohol related industries. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

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