Drinking with Kristen and Amir Through Europe and Southeast Asia

I am terribly excited to be able to post about the very first Drinking Sensei Podcast! The premier episode takes place with my cousin Amir and his amazing wife Kristen (Kris). Amir and and my families spent part of the summer together every year when we were kids. Being just a year apart in age, the two of us have shared the most in common throughout the years. When Amir first introduced me to Kris, I loved her like I had known her forever. These two HAD TO BE my first guests as they’re the ones that I’ve been having Zoom happy hours with since the beginning of this crazy pandemic. It’s been fun keeping up with them through all the highs and lows that we’ve gone through as the world has changed. Kris and I often stay up late discussing everything from future Disneyland adventures to both of us moving houses/apartments and looking for new furniture! Many a night has been spent laughing into our wine glasses and crying onto computer screens. Amir is usually along for the emotional ride until it’s time for him to go to bed.

This episode featured Kris and Amir’s travels drinking through Europe and Southeast Asia. Starting in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France they worked their way through a cider festival in England, Fernet Branca in Barcelona, and Champagne in Paris. As they moved into Southeast Asia, crashing parties in Thailand, the Philippines, and Bali, a bit of a culture and temperature shock awaited them. Listen to the advice they give for not paying extra for baggage at the airport as well as not paying an arm and a leg for liquor in Bali.

Our drink for this podcast was a Moscow Mule and a little extra vodka at the beginning and end of the episode. After making one and trying it, I realized that I had probably never had a Moscow Mule before. It’s a great drink that’s refreshing, just a little sweet, and the ginger flavor is something I wasn’t sure I would enjoy. This delicious drink is made with ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka. I made mine differently than Kris made theirs and I’ve posted both recipes below. The ginger beer I used didn’t have any alcohol in it, though I’ve heard some does. I’m actually wondering if the ginger beer is what helped me not have a hangover the next morning. It could have also been the hard kombucha, which I’m going to say is a “healthy” alcoholic beverage (it’s not). Discussed at length on the show is Amir’s hangover cure which is running the toxins out until he feel better. Something that I think sounds ridiculous, but I guess it works for him! I’d probably end up puking on the side of the road, but that also works for some people. Kris told us about her hangover cure of a tall glass of club soda with ice, 1/2- 1 lime juiced, and 5 or so big dashes of angostura bitters. For bonus bubbles she adds a pinch of two of salt! This sounds a bit better to me than running it out, but to each their own. I really hope that you all enjoy this first episode and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Drinking Sensei Moscow Mule
2 oz of Tito’s vodka (no reason for Tito’s, it’s what I had on hand.)
6 oz ginger beer (I used Fever Tree brand)
1.5 oz lime juice
1 wedge of lime for garnish
Bunch of ice

Kris’s Moscow Mule
1.5 oz Vodka
6 oz. Ginger beer (Bundaberg brand)
Half a lime juiced
A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
Garnish with a lime wheel and crystallized ginger
Handful of ice

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