Drinking with Sunday While Walking the Camino De Santiago

Sunday may be the person that I have spent the most time with at one time, and it’s all because of our time spent in Spain together. Hiking the Camino de Santiago was a goal I had for a few years and one of the phrases you often hear when you’re travelling the Camino is “the Camino provides.” On the third day of a 35 day trek across Spain the Camino de Santiago provided me with one of my favorite people on the face of the planet. As we travelled along the way walking anywhere between 10 and 25 miles each day we discovered that when you walk that much, you can drink as much as you want! Wine was a staple at every dinner and beers often accompanied lunch. The Camino de Santiago is a 790km walk across Spain that is accomplished by thousands of people every year and has been around for centuries. The Camino Frances starts in a small town called St. Jean Pied de Port in France close to the border of Spain. The small towns that follow the Camino cater to the modern day “pilgrims” and their needs. Our needs usually consisted of a place to sleep, some basic food and a pitcher of wine. The Camino definitely provided all of those things.

In this episode we started our drinking with two VERY different shots. Sunday was drinking Limoncello which can easily be made at home if you have some time on your hands. A quick Google search found quite a few simple to follow recipes. After reading how to make it I can see why Sunday and her husband Brent thought it would make a fun and creative gift to give friends and family at Christmas. For my shot I started things off with a simple shot of Fireball. I won’t say anything further about that. Arriba (up), abajo (down), al centro (to the center), pa’l dentro (inside) is our cheers for today. A friend taught us this cheers on this trip and it’s one that Sunday and I will often do when we’re together. The motions are stated in the words and reminds me of Kanpai!

After our initial shots, we decided that our drink for the rest of the episode would be a Calimocho (Xalimotxo). We both first had this drink while spending the night in Pamplona early on in our adventure together along the Camino Frances. We never had the opportunity to drink it after that night in Pamplona, but thought it would be a fun drink to share while recording the podcast. A Calimocho is three ingredients over ice; Coca Cola, red wine, and a lemon wedge. I wish I had put a bit more Coke in mine as the red wine was overwhelming the taste of the soda, but it was light and refreshing. Sunday even said that it might become their drink of choice when they go camping every year. I’m not sure it’s a Hawaii beach drink, but I’ll definitely think about serving it at future dinner parties!

Sunday drinking from the wine fountain at Bodegas Irache.

This episode was a trip down memory lane and we could have gone on for hours and hours reliving one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. It made both of us nostalgic for an experience with so many good times shared among a group of people with a specific goal. I can’t wait to get back on the trail with my friend Sunday! Grab a Calimocho and share a nice afternoon with us!

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