Drinking and Learning Japanese With Trevor

In this episode of Drinking Sensei I’m sharing drinks with my friend Trevor. He and I met five years ago at our mutual friends, Kathy and Tom’s, wedding in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Since then we’ve kept in contact through Instagram and updates through our friends, but had never really spoken to each other. Once I started the podcast he was one of my first followers and reached out to me to be a guest on the podcast. Not knowing what to expect, but knowing we’d probably have fun we recorded the podcast from 6,000 miles and six hours apart.

The podcast starts with us drinking shots of vodka and discussing apple allergies. Trevor being a risk taker and allergic to apples, he continues to try different kinds of hard apple cider.

Trevor’s Brass Monkey

This week’s drink of choice while recording was the Brass Monkey. Trevor chose the drink and I had to laugh as soon as he told me that was what he wanted to drink. When I think about a Brass Monkey, I think of college parties and cheap drinks. Trevor’s Brass Monkey is made with Steel Reserve and Orange juice. Mix it up together, put your left leg down and your right leg up, tilt your head back and finish the cup. Thank you to the Beastie Boys for making the Brass Monkey a drink that everyone knows. Trevor tells us of college times when he followed the Beastie Boys direction to the letter and danced his way through his Brass Monkey with friends. I decided to make the Brass Monkey a little old school and mix the original cocktail with dark rum, vodka, and orange juice. It’s a bit strong, but ultimately delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again. For this recipe I used Koloa dark rum from Kauai and Tito’s vodka which is always a staple in my liquor cabinet.

Drinking Sensei’s Brass Monkey

As we spent our time drinking Trevor shared stories of his time spent in Osaka, Japan as an exchange student. Being gaijin (foreigner) working in an izakaya proved to provide Trevor with many drinking opportunities and a ton of great stories. An izakaya is a small Japanese bar that also serves food. Izakayas are casual bars that are similar to Irish pubs and Spanish tapas bars. I think the one thing that excited me the most was this idea of never ending drinks and food that were offered at the Izakaya where Trevor worked! We definitely don’t have that here in Hawaii and even if we did, it wouldn’t be as inexpensive as Trevor described.

Trevor’s experiences in Japan as a college student had me rolling from laughter. In particular, one night trying to make his way home with a friend after many drinks and getting caught in what can only be described as a monsoon. His storytelling is rich with vivid descriptions and good natured humor. As we finished our drinks and our time came to an end I can only hope that he’ll return for future episodes. We started the evening as acquaintances and I’m happy to say we ended the night drunk and as good friends! Click the links below to see more pictures from Trevor and to listen to this episode. Enjoy!

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