Drinking Whisky for Free with John

John (Right) and I (Left) in Thailand for my 30th birthday. Joined by our mutual friend Mandie.

The O.G. (Original Grasshopper) John joins me on this episode of Drinking Sensei. For all of you who don’t listen to the intro to the podcast, John is my friend who nicknamed me his Drinking Sensei. I vividly remember that night, over ten years ago. It was Mandie’s birthday and we were having a “Brewfest” themed birthday. We’d ordered an ice luge to take shots on and John was ready to partake in a big bottle of espresso vodka. While I had sobered up by the end of the night, John had not. He was a happy drunk and so thankful to me for giving him a ride home. As I dropped him off I told him to take a multivitamin, drink a shit ton of water, and take some ibuprofen. He did what I suggested and woke up free from the wrath of a wicked hangover. Ever since then he’s called me his drinking sensei. Because of him and another night of drinking, the seed of this podcast began. I should have had him on the podcast first, but I’m glad that I’ve had him on after some practice with my interviewing skills.

John and his whiskey collection

Drinking with John is always a wonderful adventure! He has every liquor imaginable with chasers galore. I mentioned Mtn Dew as our fun fact of the day and he pulled it out of his cabinet. He even mentions that he doesn’t drink it, but he has it on hand for his guests that might need it. While we were recording John and I decided to drink some of his whiskey collection. We drank Nikka whisky from Japan, poured out of a samurai warrior shaped bottle. The founder of Nikka whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, travelled to Scotland to learn the art of distilling. He studied at the University of Glasgow and then returned to Japan in 1920. They have multiple distilleries throughout Japan and continue to produce excellent whisky.

Nikka Whisky in Samurai bottle

As I’ve been doing this podcast I’ve realized just how much I don’t know. I can honestly say that my nickname might be Drinking Sensei, but everyone I have spoken with has taught me so much. John is one of those people who has taught me so much about so much. If you want to learn how to travel for free with the best benefits, just ask John. Need to find great deals on alcohol, just ask John. Need a good deal for ANYTHING, just ask John. I enjoyed talking with John about how he drinks on cruise ships and what his favorite cruise line is (Norwegian for the booze). As he says, he enjoys cruises for the food and alcohol and not so much for the excursions. This guy really takes advantage of the ‘all you can drink’ that is available on the cruise. I wonder if I could keep up with someone like him when it comes to drinking on a multi-day cruise. I wouldn’t mind trying, but I’ll have to defer to him as I think he may have taken over the role of Drinking Sensei.

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