Drinking (Again!) with Nick and How Smoke Effects Grapes (Mini Episode)

Nick and I with the most awesome Santa ever!

In this episode we revisit our conversation with Nick and get some updates on harvest. In our last conversation Nick recommended I try a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir so I prepared for this minisode by buying a bottle of Underwood and A to Z. Nick told me to try the Underwood first, not because he thinks it’s better but because he has a friend that used to work at that winery. I took his advice and popped open the bottle. It was delicious and I learned that Underwood has cans of wine CANS! CANS! Talk about making things easier to take some wine to the beach. After the podcast aired I headed to the store and grabbed a few different cans of Underwood. My favorite was the Rose. I bought a bunch of it and have taken it to the beach a few times. I keep it cool buy pouring it in a hydroflask and sipping off of that without worrying about the heat outside. Living in Hawaii, you have to have the perfect plan when drinking something you don’t want to get warm.

Underwood Wines (Oregon Grown)

In Nick’s updates we learn about the fires that have been ravaging Oregon and creating a ton of smoke that have possibly impacted the grapes at multiple vineyards in the Willamette Valley. Nick talks about how various wineries have cancelled the orders for their grapes as the smoke can penetrate the skin and affect the taste of the wine. He says that the wine, once produced will taste very smoky almost as though you’re licking an ashtray. Understandably the wine makers may not want to take that chance and thus cancelled most of their orders. It wasn’t all bad news though! Nick tells us that even though the major wine makers cancelled most of their orders, Nick was able to get most of their grapes sold with the hope and understanding that those winemakers buying the grapes might not get the best results, but they’re taking a chance. One other way of utilizing those grapes is by producing Rose instead of Pinot Noir. The process for making Rose is different enough that the smoke would not impact the taste of the Rose as much as it would a Pinot Noir. No matter what, I feel like I might stock up on Oregon Pinot Noir because you never know what the selection will be like a few years down the road!

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