Drinking with Megan from Bitterpops in Chicago

Megan with me in Oregon

For this episode we’re joined by my good friend Megan. Her bottleshop, Bitter Pops, is in Chicago. Listen to us as we discuss eggnog which might just be Megan’s kryptonite.

“The Incident”
The before

Megan makes her eggnog with Chicago local Oberweis Dairy eggnog, spiced rum, ginger beer, and a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon. Listen as we chat about how we met and all things bottleshop related. Discussing their new expansion for Bitter Pops, it made me want to head out to Chicago just to check out all of the new things they have going on. What do you think? Should they have brussel sprouts on their menu? I think they should, but according to our good friend, brussel sprouts are super stinky when being cooked and no one wants to sit in a stinky place while they’re drinking everything from coffee to beer, to cocktails!

She finishes up our conversation with a trip around Chicago. We start with some deep dish at Pequod’s. Pequod’s is best known for its caramelized crust. The airy dough is baked with a thin layer of cheese, producing crispy edges that have subtle flavor and a bit of chewiness. It acts as the perfect base for toppings like sausage, Italian beef, meatballs, and giardiniera. Individual-sized pan pizzas are available for those dining solo. We move on to Metropolitan Brewing where Megan had nothing but great things to say about Tracy Hurst and her amazing lagers. Then head to Maplewood, known for Hazy IPAs and cocktails made with hazy IPAs. Looking at their website, they’re diverse drink menu means there’s something for everyone! It’s time for us to get our butts over to Middle Brow for a taste of their smoky beer and artisan flat bread pizzas. We’ve gotta have more snacks to ensure we can keep drinking. Bitter Pops 2020 advent calendar included a beer from Middle Brow. Next on our list is Marz Brewing, a slashy that is run by the amazing Maria and super stoked to see that they support a community kitchen, which provides lunchboxes to people in need around Chicago. Megan tells us that this another brewery that was included in their 2020 advent calendar. She mentions that a local artist does all of their canned artwork. Marz brewing is extremely diverse with everything from sour ales, to IPAs to stouts. We end our alphabet tour of Chicago with not another M brewery, but a W. We go to Whiner Beer Company to check out their living space and amazing beers. The self sustaining ecosystem works throughout the entire building and multiple businesses.

One of these days I’ll head to Chicago to visit my good friend Megan where I can check out all of these amazing places in person and hope that the hangover isn’t too bad so we can have multiple days of alphabet tours throughout the city. Chicago had never been on my list of places to visit except to see Megan and she’s sold me on all of the great places to drink and eat at.

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