Drinking and Hiking the World with Mandie

Mandie and I together at the Oregon Brewer’s Festival

In this episode of Drinking Sensei, I am joined by Mandie, my friend of many years. I had just moved to Hawaii to take a break between undergraduate and graduate school and didn’t know anyone. Out one night, I happened to meet Mandie’s friend Lisa at a bar, I introduced myself since I was new in town and she in turn introduced me to her group of friends which included Mandie. After I ended my first time living in Hawaii and moved back to Oregon we made a point to keep in touch. She’s been in my life through my various highs and lows and she’s always there to share a drink with me! The shenanigans that we’ve gotten into throughout our time knowing each other is vast, wild, and should not be discussed in front of impressionable people. Mandie is joining me on this episode to chat about her various trips, mostly hiking related and the booze that she tried along the way.

Recording and drinking station

When I record episodes of the podcast, I always ask guests what they’ll be drinking as I want to be able to drink the same thing with them. It often takes people a while to come up with their drink of choice, but Mandie had it ready. As soon as I asked her what she wanted to drink during our recording she instantly responded with Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots and dirty martinis. I’d never had either so it was bound to be an interesting drinking experience. Her recipe for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a bit different than the ones I found online, and typical for Mandie, includes more alcohol.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot
1 oz Vanilla Vodka (We used Stoli)
1 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
2 oz RumChata
dash of ground cinnamon
Mix everything into a shaker with some ice and strain into a cinnamon sugar rim coated shot glass. (The cinnamon sugar was really just for looks, this shot is already sweet.) We doubled this recipe for the two of us and it made WAY too much. So you could probably make this with the measurements listed and share between two people.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot ingredients

As the name indicates it tastes ridiculously close to the cereal with the same name. It’s an easy shot to take and a great way to get the conversation started since it was basically a double shot. As we got to drinking our next drink, dirty martinis, Mandie told her many stories of drinking around the world. One of the numerous reasons why I love her so much is her adventurous spirit. She decided a few years ago that on or around her birthday she would do something epic every year. This promise to herself has resulted in hikes to the top of Mt. Fuji, Machu Picchu, and so many more amazing places. We’ve hiked Hale’akala on Maui, Napali Coast on Kaui, Waipio to Waimanu Valley and back on the island of Hawai`i and so many other places they’re too numerous to write about here. She taught me which drinks are light to carry, taste okay when you drink them warm, and are strong enough to knock you out so you don’t feel how sore you are after crazy a difficult day hiking.

Mandie’s martini recipe is in her brain and she pours without measuring. I asked her to write it down for me, but couldn’t do it. I found a dirty martini recipe on and asked her if this was close enough. She said it looked pretty close, so here’s Mandie’s “close enough” recipe.

Dirty Vokda Martini
2 and 1/2 oz of Vodka (We used Pau Vodka made on Maui)
1/2 oz of dry vermouth
1/2 oz olive brine
Garnished with 3 olives
We added ingredients into a shaker with some ice and shook. Poured into martini glasses.

While I love all things boozy I’m going to be honest and say I probably won’t be drinking another martini in the near future. I’m glad I got to try it and as Mandie mentioned, martinis are a great drink to have in the event of a celebration. Mandie’s dad appreciated a good vodka martini and I’m glad I got to share one with her. Listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts, don’t forget to rate and subscribe! You can find me at drinkingsensei on Instagram, drinkingsenseipodcast on Facebook or send me an email at