Drinking Holiday Cocktails with Kristen (Mini Episode)

In this mini episode we are visited again by Kristen, one of my favorite people in the entire world. Kris and I decided that we were going to try some different holiday cocktails in this minisode. I was super excited when she sent me a link to what I thought was ONE recipe for a holiday cocktail. When I clicked on the link there were FORTY-TWO holiday cocktail recipes. As I was scrolling through the recipes I saw quite a few that caught my eye. The one that I went with followed our theme of Moscow Mules from the first time that she was a guest on the podcast. For this episode we went with a holiday mule. Instead of lime juice, this recipe calls for sparkling cider. Considering how close we are to the holidays I was surprised at how many places do not carry sparkling cider. I ended up finding it at Target of all places and the mixing began!

Ingredients for the Holiday Cider Mule

The recipe I used is as follows:
2 oz. vodka
ginger beer
sparkling cider
Sliced apple for garnish
Cinnamon sticks for garnish

Fill a copper mug with ice. Pour 2 ounces of vodka over the ice. Fill 2/3 with sparkling cider and top off with ginger beer.

Fever Tree Ginger Beer at Costco

Any sparking cider and ginger beer will work, but I recommend Martinelli’s and Fever Tree Ginger Beer for this drink. Kris thought it might kick up a notch if the ginger beer used was a little spicier and I would agree that it was a smooth drink that could use a bit more heat for cold winter nights. Here in Hawaii, I don’t necessarily need that, but I am definitely down to try it. While I liked this drink, I don’t think it’s necessarily very festive. When I did a search after the podcast, I found some more mules that included cranberries and other more traditionally festive drinks. Maybe we’ll try that next time. My housemate Alisa loved this drink though. I think mostly because you can’t really taste the vodka, though there is quite a bit at two ounces. Alisa doesn’t normally drink a lot, but she drank this one a few times with me. It’s an easy drink to make and I’ll definitely make it again. Kris and I also discussed whether we could make our own mule! As I live in Hawaii and she lives in California we thought maybe we could have some sort of flavor match up. We came up with pineapple juice and maybe throw some jalapeƱo for some kick. What do you think? Comment below to tell us what you think a mash up would be! We would also love some more recommendations for holiday cocktails to try throughout the next few months. Hit me up on Instagram @drinkingsensei, my email at [email protected], or comment where you listen to your podcasts. Click the links below to find me on social media and wherever you find your podcasts. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!